The wind is crisp, and the trees change their greens to lovely shades of red, yellow and orange. With the high season behind, Sweden falls into stillness. It is a beautiful time of the year to explore the country. The outdoor enthusiast has a great range of activities to dive into, such as hiking, fishing or mountain biking in the Swedish terrain. 

Thanks to the Public Access law, you’re allowed to camp almost anywhere for one night. However, you should read up on the Public Access law before heading out into nature.Besides nature activities and beautiful landscapes, fall-time in Sweden has a great deal to offer. We have listed some of our favorite happenings and activities down below.

Harvest festivals

As September arrives, harvest festivals start to sprout all over the country. During this time, farmers come together at the harvest market to sell the best of what the countryside has to offer. What’s more is that the market often treats you to other activities as well, such as horseback riding, fireworks or soup tastings. Bring your basket and explore what the Swedish farms has to offer!

Stockholm Ghost Walk

Do you like a good scare? Starting at the end of August until the end of the year, you can experience the Stockholm Ghost Walk. This is where history and mystery meet in a thrilling guided tour along the streets of the Stockholm Old City. Learn about murders, myths, executions, assassinations, deceases and legends while going down the dark streets and alleyways… Well, if you dare, of course.

Dungeons and Dragons in a true medieval setting

This is your chance to do justice to game of Dungeons and Dragons as your game will take place in a building from the 1100’s. The building is called Kapitelhusgården and lies at the heart of the medieval city Visby on the isle of Gotland. Here, your characters will come to life every Friday in October until the 17th of December. Reservations are needed.

Sweden 1100x300.jpg

A night of culture

Music, dancing, fire shows and much more. If you’d like to experience the culture of Sweden, you should really book a ticket in autumn. On September 10th, the city of Uppsala throws the largest night of culture in Sweden. This night, there’s a show going on at every corner of the city.


Every year on September 17th you can partake in the cultural event Fårönatta. Fårö is an island just outside the north of Gotland and is a very popular summer paradise. However, this is the end of the season big bang for Fårö. Every shop, restaurant and exhibition place will be open for you to enjoy and there are many cultural events that you can partake in. It is a magical night for you to remember.

Gotland Grand National

How does the greatest Enduro Competition in the world sound to you? During the 27th until the 29th of October, Gotland gives you a change to experience it. With over 3000 participants travelling to the Swedish island from more than 15 nations, this is the dream of the enduro enthusiast to witness.

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