The natural and historic sites are widespread throughout the island, and the Gotlandic countryside has plenty to offer. You can enjoy peaceful hiking trails and beautiful sunsets as well as culinary experiences and local craftmanship.

The charm of the island can be enjoyed during every season. The summer treats the visitor to a holiday with a vivid city life, warm temperatures, and bathing opportunities throughout the coastline. However, Gotland offseason invites you to experience a peaceful visit and the seasonal beauty of the island.

1. Visby

A medieval town, surrounded by a city wall from the 13th century. Visby treats you to many historical imprints and culinary experiences.

2. The Lummelunda Cave

One of the longest underground caves in Sweden, explore the Hall of the Mountain King and admire the stalactites hanging from the top.

3. Tofta Beach

A classical beach-experience with fine-grained and soft sand. Tofta Beach offers both beach activities and restaurants.

4. Fårö

A small island north of Gotland and Ingmar Bergman’s favorite place. The nature is mesmerizing with its barren landscapes, tall sea stacks and fine sand.

5. Ekstakusten

A natural reserve at the south coast of Gotland where you can witness the most beautiful sunsets.

6. The Gotland Museum

Antiquities and artifacts dating back some 8,000 and include the world's biggest hoard of Viking silver, and priceless runic stones

7. The Botanic Garden

Where rose beds, blossoms and a wide range of trees mingles with history, as The Botanic Garden is home to the ruin of St. Olof’s Church.

8. Högklint Nature Reserve

A popular hiking spot with breathtaking views of Visby and the Baltic Sea.

9. Norsta Auren

Chalk white, soft beach sand over five kilometers of unbroken horizon.

10. Stora Karlsö

An island located on the southeast coast of Gotland. The second oldest natural reserve in the world and a Birdwatcher’s paradise.

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