Visit the cultural capital of Denmark or be amazed by the glaciers of Norway. Scandinavia has richness to every season. Summer treats you not only to warm and sunny days, but to rich and living towns and landscapes. But Scandinavia off season has a beauty of its own, well suited for travelers who enjoy a more peaceful travel experience.

On the southeast coast of Sweden lies Stockholm. The capital of Sweden is known for its closeness to nature and to the Baltic Sea, sometimes even called the Venice of the north. At the same time, Stockholm has a flourishing urban and historical imprint.

1. Stockholm

Built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved mediaeval city centers, the capital of Sweden is stunningly located by the Baltic Sea.

2. The Icehotel

Sleep in a hotel completely made of ice, located in Lapland. Try dog sledding and catch a glimpse of the northern light.

3. Dalarna

The mountains, the Sami culture, the lakes, the red cottages and craftmanship. The Swedish experience in one and the same place.

4. Oslo

Norway's capital, where urban vibes blend perfectly with the natural scenery.

5. Bergen

Explore the beautiful fjords of Norway and visit the old city center Byrggen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is surrounded by mountains.

6. Lofoten

Discover the natural beauty of Norway within the Artic Circle, with mighty mountains, craggy coastal lines, pristine waterways, and quaint fishing villages.

7. Copenhagen

Royal palaces, canals, beautiful houses, and the birthplace of the author Hans Christian Andersen.

8. Aarhus

A European Capital of Culture and the second largest cities in Denmark. Aarhus treats you to interesting architecture and a vibrant music scene.

9. Helsinki

Experience the Finnish culture, check out the Design District, the Market Square and Temppeliaukion, which is a rock-carved church.

10. Koli National Park

Get inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Finland. The park has over eighty kilometers of hiking routes.

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