DB Schenker

DB Schenker performs global, integrated logistics services, and supports a global exchange of goods. DB Schenker Deutschland AG is located in Frankfurt/Main, and one of the leading suppliers of integrated logistics in the German market. 

Jens-Uwe Uhlich, Head of Road Brokerage:

Three fast facts about the benefits of travelling with Hansa Destinations:

  • Plannable and good available capacities and schedules
  • No interfaces with other involved partners to go to Stockholm area
  • 24 hours from northern Germany to Stockholm area

Three fast facts about the business improvements due to Hansa Destinations:

  • To split capacities between the different providers
  • To offer more volume to our clients
  • One contact person from Rostock to Stockholm area

Why would you recommend Hansa Destination to others?

  • Flexibility, friendly, environmentally, competitive.

🌐 dbschenker.com/de-de

Spedition Bode

Spedition Bode is a transport and logistics company, located in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany and founded in 1949.What started as a transport company involved in distribution of rail cargo and is now a modern logistic provider with high focus on intermodal transport and performs transports throughout Europe.

Stev Etzrodt, General and International Transports Manager:

– We are very satisfied to find another reliable partner with Hansa Destinations for our transports to the southern area of Stockholm. This sustainable solution will be used increasingly by Spedition Bode in the future, because we believe in it!

🌐 spedition-bode.de

Zureck Logistik

Zureck Logistik specializes in heavy-load transportation and is one of the leading companies of this area in Europe. Their main quarter is located in Brandenburg, Tyskland.

Christoph Zureck, CEO/Managing Director:

– Hansa Destinations fills the gap in ferry connections on Baltic Sea and has great benefits for us and our customer. We are pleased about the service and quality and are happy to be part of it since the beginning.

🌐 zureck.eu


The logistics company, RW-Transporte, based in Rostock performs transport services from Germany to Scandinavia, particularly to Sweden and Norway. RW Transporte is specialized in the transport of building material and concrete parts.

RW-Transporte on Hansa Destinations: 

– We are fully satisfied with the services. For us, the connection Rostock - Nynäshamn is a great relief, as we have numerous deliveries in the Stockholm area. The drivers experience courteous and helpful staff during the crossing. The service staff on shore, who take the bookings, respond very quickly and straightforwardly, and with prudent eye. We will definitely recommend Hansa Destinations to others.

🌐 rw-transporte.de

Stjärnströms International AB

Stjärnströms International AB is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company provides transportation services and operates internationally since the 1960s, mainly to Russia, the Baltics, the Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Europe. 

Sam Frostén, Exports Manager:

– Our drivers are very pleased and satisfied with the check-in and services onboard. As we’re situated in Stockholm, the route eases the stress factor of the drivers, because they don’t have to worry about if they’ll manage to reach the ferry line in the south of Sweden in time. Also, there’s big environmental benefits.

Has it improved your business in any way? How?

– Yes, it has. For one, it saves time for our drivers. But mostly for environmental reasons, by saving fuel consumption as our main markets are France and Spain.

Would you recommend others to choose Hansa Destinations as a route to cross the Baltic Sea? Why?

– Yes, we would definitely recommend using Hansa Destinations. Especially if the load is to the region of Stockholm. Drivers can relax, get a good rest with 8-9 hours sleep and good service onboard.

🌐 stjarnstroms.se