General information

How do you book a freight? 

Reservations via mail with all vehicle information to 

What ship will operate the route? 

M/S Drotten operates the route.

Will I get meals on board?

Yes, three meals (dinner, breakfast & lunch) are included in the freight fee. 

Is there wi-fi on board? 

Yes, but there is not coverage the whole journey. 

How long before departure can I change / complete my booking? Is there a cancellation fee? 

Changes and cancellations should take place via mail at the latest 2 hours before departure. 

When can I deliver or pick-up my cargo?

Rostock port is open to deliver and pick-up unaccompanied trailers 24/7. Other cargo like container, camping cars, caravans etc. need to be delivered or picked-up within our office opening hours.  
Port opening hours Rostock 

Nynäshamn harbour is open within the opening hours in following link: Port opening hours Nynäshamn 

When do I have to deliver or pick-up my cargo?

  • Cargo in Nynäshamn needs to be collected within 24hrs after arrival.  
  • Cargo in Rostock needs to be collected within 72hrs.  

Do I need special equipment for my vehicle?

All freight units may, with regards to the ship's safety, need to be secured with lashings on board. If the lashing brackets are not fitted in accordance with the Swedish Transport Agency's guidelines, the unit will not be loaded on board in such a situation. For more information click on following link.


How do I get your passenger cabin key? 

At the information desk on board. 

When do I have to check-in? 

  • Check-In closes 2 hours before departure for unaccompanied units. 
  • Check-In closes 1 hour before departure for accompanied units.

How to contact the ports? 

Our contacts for the ports are on our webpage. Follow the link: Hansa Destinations Ports 

Offer on board

Restaurant and bar?

We have a restaurant which serves both breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as coffee and sweets.

Opening hours: breakfast from 7:30-9:30 am, lunch from 11:00 to 12:30 pm, and dinner from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. There is also a bar on board serving drinks and light melas, which is open from 11:00 am to 2:00 am. 

Tax-free shop? 

We have a border shop which is open when the vessel is on international water. 

Other entertainments? 

There is a limited range of entertainments on board. The trip is a convenient and environmentally friendly passenger transport rather than a cruise. However, on board we have a bar and restaurant as well as a border shop. 

Do you have to book a cabin? 

No, one bed in a shared cabin is always included in the price for an accompanied freight unit.  
Additional drivers will be charged acc. to the valid surcharges list.  

What are the crossing times? 

The trip is 18 hours. Regardless of whether we go via Visby or not, departure and arrival will be the same time in Nynäshamn and Rostock.  

Can you pay with cash? 

Yes, on board you can pay with both EURO and SEK as well as with Visa and Mastercard. 

Can you pay with 500-euro banknotes on board?  

We accept euro banknotes, but not 500-euro banknotes.  


How to get a customer account?  

Contact or use our customer contact form 


We have a partner for shipping sales, Sartori & Berger in Germany, they handle sales for shipping in their entirety. or send us a request via our webpage contact form 

What capacity does the ships have?  

M/S Drotten has a capacity of 1650 lane meters. 

How many drivers per truck can be booked?  

One driver is included in the price of an accompanied unit. More can be purchased for a fee. 

Which cargo units can be booked?  

Accompanied, unaccompanied, containers, vehicles, machinery, cars and oversize special transports. Contact for more information. 

Is it possible to transport goods that are classified as "dangerous goods"?  

Yes, please send us your Dangerous Goods form latest 24hrs before departure for check and booking. Signed form needs to be available latest for check-In. For transports containing dangerous goods, the documentation must comply with current regulations in accordance with the IMDG / ADR regulations.

The declaration needs to contain following: 

  • UN number(s) 
  • Proper shipping names 
  • Packaging type  
  • IMDG classes / subdivision 
  • Packaging grup (if applicable) 
  • Flashpoint (if applicable) 
  • Marine pollutant (if applicable) 
  • Number of packages and weight / volume 
  • In case of limited quantities this must be clearly indicated on the accompanying documents, failing this, the substance may not be qualified as limited quantities. 
  • Shipper’s declaration and packing-certificate declaring full compliance with IMDG regulations.  

Do I need maritime insurance?  

The liability of carriers is limited by maritime law and the conditions laid down in the transport documents. We therefore recommend that you buy a sea transport insurance before the transport begins. With using Hansa Destinations as carrier, you agree to our Terms & Conditions 

How long before the crossing must the truck arrive and what documentation is required? 

The truck must arrive latest one hour before departure (trailers no later than two hours before). The driver and any additional drivers/person must be able to identify themselves and carry company identification and a detailed list of goods over the cargo. 

What information needs to be provided to arrange a freight booking? 

  • Vehicle length, width, height 
  • Registration number 
  • Electrical connection This must be booked in advance 
  • Number of drivers 
  • Any special measures required for transport 
  • IMO / ADR goods