Hansa Destinations offers trips between Stockholm and Rostock, some departures go by Visby on the island Gotland.
Hansa Destinations is primarily a freight line.
Passengers are warmly welcomed on board, but it will not resemble a traditional cruise ship.
We will do our very best to ensure you have a pleasant journey.

The trip takes about 18 hours or 14 hours if you choose to travel to/from Visby.

The timetable is valid until 30 September 2022, the plan is to release the rest of the year soon.
Please check our Online Booking for more information about the timetable.

Read more about our ports here.


Passenger tickets
You can easy book your trip online on our website here.

Depending on availability, both vehicles and cabins can be booked online.

You can also email us; reservations@hansadestinations.com
Or call us +46 (0)771 70 25 50
The fee for phone/email booking is 7 Eur, no fees for other questions or rebooking.

It is not possible to book trips less than 1 hour before departure time.

Current opening hours can be found here.

Freight is booked via email: freight@hansadestinations.com
Read more here.

Price list
Hansa Destinations has a differentiated price list and ticket price vary depending on the season, destination, or departure time.
For the current price list, please go to our Online Booking.
Online campaigns can be found on the front page of the web page!

Our different tickets
There are three different ticket alternatives:
Mini - The cheapest alternative, a non re bookable or refundable ticket.
Flexi – A re bookable but not refundable alternative. Approximately 20% more expensive than a mini ticket.
Flexiplus – A fully re bookable and refundable alternative. Approximately 30% more expensive than a mini ticket.

More information about our tickets can be found here.

On board

There are a limited number of cabins on the ferry.
During the summer period June - August 2022 all cabins are fully booked.
The cabins that end up on No show before a departure are sold at the reception desk on board the ship.
There is no waiting list for cabins.
Cancellations can be seen on our website.

Cabin key available at the reception on deck 7.

You have the cabin for yourself or for your travel companions.

Our cabins
There are both 2 and 4 berths cabins and most of them have a sea view.
Special cabins are available for guests travelling with pets.
There are also adapted cabins for wheelchair users, these are insides cabins.

Cots for children
Cots are available free of charge pre-book them via: reservations@hansadestinations.com
Or call us on +46 (0)771 70 25 50
The cot is suitable for children up to 3 years old, and if you pre-book it, it will be folded up in your cabin when you come on board.

Lounge chair
It is possible to book only a lounge chair at no extra cost, then you get a numbered seat in the front or aft lounge where you sit during the crossing.
No mattresses, sleeping mats or similar are allowed.
A pillow and blanket can be brought along.

Showers are available for guests travelling in the front lounge.
Please contact reception for more information.

Port break and interconnection with Destination Gotland
Hansa Destinations tours via Visby are interconnected with Destination Gotland.
These tours are domestic services between Visby/Gotland and Stockholm/Nynäshamn.
For those of you travelling with Hansa, this means a different selection in the restaurant, shop and bar.

It is not possible to stay on board during the port break in Rostock or Nynäshamn. All passengers must disembark.

Travel with pets
It is possible to travel with pets on Hansa Destinations.
Pets may only stay in pet cabins read the conditions here.
We provide an outdoor area on deck 8 where You can walk Your dog.

Please note that pets may not be unattended in the pet cabin!

Pets on car deck
It is possible to leave your pet in the vehicle. You must regularly visit your pet in the vehicle during the crossing. 

Note that the car deck is locked during the crossing
At the reception you will get the visiting hours and the times for resting your animals.
There is the possibility of a visit every 2 hours and a longer visit at the designated dog rest area twice during the crossing.

As a pet owner, you have full responsibility for your animal(s).

As the vessel is out at sea, coverage is not available all the way.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available on board in the restaurant on deck 7.
Vegetarian options are available.
Please contact the staff on board if you have any allergies or if you require special diets such as lactose-free or gluten-free.
There is no need to pre-book table, there is plenty of space.

The Bar
At our aft lounge bar, you can enjoy a glass of wine or a beer in friendly company in a relaxed atmosphere.
In the summertime the outdoor bar on deck 8 is open.

There is no entertainment on board. We focus primarily on freight transport.

Check in

Valid Id or Passport
To travel with Hansa Destinations, you must present your valid ID or passport card at check-in.
A valid passport with MRZ code or an EU standard national ID card with MRZ code and/or chip, issued by a national authority within the EU/EEA must be used.
This applies to all travelers, including children.
The passport or ID card must be presented at check-in. If you do not have a valid passport or ID card, you will not be allowed to board.

Opening hours for check-in
Check-in opens 1.5 hours before departure, and the check-in closes 20 minutes before departure.
Please have your ticket and a valid ID ready for a smooth entry.

Groups must be at the terminal at least 1.5 hours before departure.

In Nynäshamn and Visby you check in at the terminal. Boarding and disembarking via the gangway.
In Rostock, as a pedestrian, you check in at the terminal building for boarding and disembarking via car deck.

If you are travelling by vehicle, you check in via the car check-in in the respective port.

Luggage check-in
All bulky luggage must be checked in due to security regulations.

Please mark your bags with the tag you receive at check-in.

In Rostock, you leave your luggage on a marked wagon on the car deck. Pick up your luggage in the terminal in Nynäshamn when you disembark the ship. You will then pass through customs.

In Nynäshamn and Visby you check in your luggage at the luggage counter.
On arrival in Rostock, you will pick up your luggage on a marked wagon on the car deck.

Travelers ROSTOCK- VISBY SHOULD NOT CHECK IN LUGGAGE due to customs regulations.

Please note, the car deck is locked during the crossing so bring necessary items in your carry-on luggage.

Stand By/Last Minute tickets for vehicles
All remaining car deck capacity is sold on site at the respective port.
Each terminal decides how to sell any remaining space.

In Rostock, the sale of last minute tickets starts on the same day, when you will be informed if there is space available.

In Nynäshamn the sale of Stand By tickets starts 2 hours before departure, which does not guarantee a space.
Wheter you get space for your vehicle depends on remaining capacity after check-in has closed.

Electricity charge of Vehicles on Car Deck
It is not possible to charge your car, motorhome, or caravan on board due to safety reasons.

Payment in the terminals and on the ship
We strive to be cashless in the terminals, it is always possible to pay any supplement with a credit card (Visa and Mastercard).
On board, you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, SEK and EUR (but not EUR 500 bills).

It is not possible to exchange money on board, but it is possible to pay with cash (SEK and EUR) and with Visa and Mastercard.

For our full terms and conditions click here.

For Freight Customers:
For more information about Freight, please click here.